We only do Air Tightness tests on clients developments.

What is Air Tightness?

An air tightness test measures the flow of air in and out of a building. Air leakage is the uncontrolled flow of air through gaps and cracks around the junction of the various elements and in the fabric of a building. It has been estimated that approximately 33% of building energy losses can be attributed to uncontrolled ventilation & air infiltration.

Improving air tightness

Improving air tightness in a dwelling will reduce air leakage, greatly improve heat retention, and noticeably improve overall energy efficiency. The aim of air tightness is to “build tight, ventilate right”.

BER – Building energy calculations

In building energy calculations – BER – this is measured through the use of building pressurisation / depressurisation testing by carrying out a blower door test, from which we can quantify the air leakage rate from a building and to also assess exactly where this leakage may be taking place. It is now mandatory, with the improved building regulations, to demonstrate that buildings are built to achieve a minimum standard of air-tightness on completion. In particular this applies to Passive House construction and the strict adherence to specific air-tightness standards.


Passive House BuilderTurnkey Passive Solutions

A product of Ecotech Homes where we offer a full turnkey service for building your home, that is all aspects of the building from the structural requirements, energy efficiency and performance specification, implementation, complete construction of the house and completion of such items as joinery, stairs, kitchens, fireplaces, stoves, tiling and wooden flooring, all undertaken by us, so on completion all you need do is turn the key in the door and move in to your new home.