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Full design of your own house plans from concept stage to obtaining full planning permission.

Design and Build Cork

When you’re planning to design and build a new home in Cork, you will find everything you need throughout the process at Ecotech Homes. We specialise in Timber Frame Homes and we can take your project from design to completion with our Design and Build service. Our mission is to make building an Ecotech house in Cork a reality for more people.

Timber Frame construction is an excellent solution for home builders, offering a sustainable build option that is energy efficient and doesn’t compromise on aesthetic appeal. We can provide and build your Timber Frame home as the sole contractor on your build, so the whole process is made simpler for you. We offer a range of options from existing designs available to view on our Web Site to a bespoke or customized design so that we can create the best package for you.

Our Design Process

Initial Consultation:

We begin with an initial consultation to discuss your needs and your vision. Everyone has a different approach to designing and building their own home and we can support you every step of the way.

Our experienced team will take the time to understand your requirements and work with you to develop a unique plan to make your dream home a reality. Site evaluation is a key part of the process and we can take the stress out of it with our Design and Build service. There’s no need to worry if you have no construction experience, we will manage and build the entire project for you. You can simply sit back and let Ecotech take care of it all.

Review House Plans

At Ecotech Homes, we have a brochure of plans that gives you the opportunity to choose your dream house without having to engage an architect yourself. We have a range of homes to suit everyone and you can see our thorough walkthrough videos to help you find the ideal design for your home.

At Ecotech, we have a reputation for innovative design and building at the highest level and our selection of house plans ranges from compact, single storey dwellings to large, detached family homes. Whether you are interested in our top quality Timber Frame Homes or our Passive House Plans, we will be delighted to talk with you about the options available to you.

Custom Design Services

We offer custom design services to ensure that you get the service and the outcomes you need. With our Design and Build service, we’ll develop precise architectural drawings from which our build team will work. If you haven’t selected a house from our comprehensive brochure of plans, this service will give you the ability to create a package that works for you.

As a small team of experts, we have the flexibility to accommodate specific client preferences and modifications.

Design Iteration

We can respond to individual client feedback, refining our designs to ensure that the final design meets your expectations. You are building your home and your input is invaluable, so you and your family will be a key part of the consultation process throughout.

Where Your New Home Dreams Become Reality

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Building Your Timber Frame Home

preconstruction planning

Pre-Construction Planning

There are many challenges facing design and build home builders in Cork, and we can help you to handle them all without stress. We will work through the process of budget setting, ensuring that your final design works within your budget. The preliminary planning stages are important and we will advise you in getting those right so that you have strong foundations to build on.

On-Site Construction

Fabrication and Assembly

We will take you through the fabrication process, ensuring we get it right at this stage so that your build progresses smoothly. We are committed to using sustainable materials wherever possible and we will look at how this can benefit your build. We provide precision engineering so that the design and build experience is seamless and your end result is exactly as you expect. Each Timber Frame House is prepared and assembled with care, and you can be sure that the materials we use and the skills we bring are second to none. All our timber is of a high strength grade harvested from Sustainably managed forests.

We won’t compromise on quality, so you can rely on us to deliver the highest-quality home.

Fabrication and Assembly

On-Site Construction

The on-site construction phase is where the magic happens, as your build takes shape in the world. The process moves from foundation work and framing, which is crucial to the design and build process, to the installation of the Timber Frame Panels as your dream home becomes a reality.

Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Building

Energy Efficiency

Our Timber Frame Homes are designed to be energy efficient, making them a sustainable choice for the future. The Timber Frame panels are designed for maximum energy efficiency and we use Heat pump Technology combined with the correct Insulation & Air Tightness measures to ensure you get the maximum energy efficiency in your build and in your future home.

Sustainability Practices

We use sustainably sourced timber and eco-friendly building practices to ensure that our impact on the planet is as low as possible and that every build is future-proofed for sustainability.

Certifications and Standards

Our credibility in sustainability is crucially important to us and we are proud to have been a finalist in the Green Awards for Green Business & Sustainability several times, as well as a finalist in the Irish Construction Industry Awards. We are an NSAI registered Timber Frame or Offsite manufacturer and a leading Passive House builder in Cork. We are proud to be one of the only companies in the country who have completed several houses to the Passive Specification and to the Passive Standard (comparable performance levels without the certification). Our homes align with the roadmap to halve Ireland’s emissions by 2030 and achieve net zero by 2050.

Project Management and Support

Project Management

Working with us means you will have a project manager to take care of your building project in Cork. Your project manager will take the time to understand your vision and help to bring it into reality, taking care of everything from the design stage to overseeing the construction process. You can relax in the knowledge that your build is in safe hands.

Client Support

We provide ongoing support to our clients throughout the build process. It’s our mission to support you as your project progresses, including regular updates with your project manager and your building team and on-site visits to check in with the build and give your feedback.

We will work with you as a Design and Build House Builder in Cork.

Design and Build in Cork: Areas We Serve
Our team of experienced builders are based in Cork and we serve customers within a 45 minute drive radius of Cork City.

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